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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eid Celebrations

Eid is one of the religious day of Islamics who celebrate this day after the month of fasting, Ramadan. Muslims enjoy this day by greeting each other, giving presents, going for parties, throwing dinners, doing shopping, wearing new clothes and many more. Everyone whether kid, child, youth, adult, lady, man and all enjoys this festival by visiting masjid (tomb) and praying there for peace, prosperity and happiness. So have blasting eid celebrations together.
Eid Celebrations Eid Celebration Card
Eid Celebrations in Chandni Chowk

Eid Gifts

Every festival is celebrated and enjoy with great enthusiasm and fervor. The same way, Eid, one of the holy day of Muslims also calls for plenty of gifts and presents for all. Children enjoy Eid as they receive lots of gifts on this religious day like chocolates, toys, dresses, mithai, fruits, cakes, cookies and many more. Send your eid gifts to your dear friends in Pakistan, Karachi, Dubai, India and other muslim islamic communities. Try out our ideas and tips on how to make your eid celebrations more enjoyable and loving by gifting.
Send Eid Gifts Eid Gift Ideas
Eid Gifts

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