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Monday, June 14, 2010

Eid Hug Cards, Eid Mubarak with Hugs

Express your love, affection and happiness for the Eid festival by greeting your loved ones and giving warm hug to share sweetness of the day. Its traditional in Islam that people greet each other with a hug to express their warmth feeling. Be part of the Eid Mubarak wishes by giving away any of these Eid Hug Cards.
eid hug greetingsEid Hug Cardseid mubarak with a hug

Green Color Eid Cards, Eid Mubarak Green Color Wish Cards

Let your eid mubarak wishes beautify with the color 'Green' of Islam giving more importance and liking to the color. So, bring that color in your wish cards by downloading and setting any of these Green Color Eid Cards for free and with option to add personal quote, message or greetings.
Green Color Eid Cardsgreen background eid cardseid green colored cards

Eid Rose Cards, Roses for Eid Mubarak Wishes

Give roses more beautiful element during Islamic festival of Eid when people greet everyone in the morning with a warm hug and many people make it more beautiful by adding roses to their eid mubarak wishes. Hope these Eid Rose Cards would help our viewers enjoy and create new style to their Eid greetings.
roses to wish eid mubarakrose cards for eidEid Rose Cards

Eid Baby Cards, Baby Eid Mubarak Wishes

Let your new born baby share the warmth and religious feelings of Eid festival by wishing and saying Eid Mubarak on family's behalf. Download and customize these eid baby cards
by adding your baby photo and name to personalize wishes by the cute baby. This is a innovative idea to build relationships.
baby wishing happy eideid mubarak baby cardsEid Baby Cards

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